Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take pictures of our experience?

Yes, we do. Digital Media photos and GoPro digital video services are available, which captures your entire parasailing adventure.

What should we wear?

The most suitable outfit for this tour is swimwear or something comfortable. Shorts and pants are ok, but do not wear clothes that you would not want to get wet or splashed.

Do you provide roundtrip transportation from Waikiki?

Yes, if you wish, you can request to be picked up by our complimentary Waikiki hotel shuttle. This service is available for our morning tours only.

Can family members or friends come along on the boat and watch?

Sure, we offer seats for non-flying observers (riders).

Is their a weight requirement?

Yes, the minimum weight required to go parasailing is 60 pounds per person.

How do we get into and out of the air?

You will slowly lift off the back off the boat from a seated position, enjoying the ride in a comfortable swing-like harness. After your parasailing flight, you will softly land on the back of the boat in a seated position.

Do we ever touch the water?

Your entire parasailing experience can be completely dry if you wish, but the majority of our guests consider the "dip" towards the end of the ride to be the best part. During the dip, the captain will slowly slow the boat and lower the parachute toward the water, allowing your feet to touch the surface. You will then lift back up in the air and continue the ride and land in a seated position at the back of the boat.