Oahu Parasailing

photo1.jpgHave you ever dreamed of soaring above the earth, free as an eagle and elegant as a plume? Parasailing will make that dream come true! This blend of hang gliding and water skiing is distinctively suited to the Hawaiian experience. You'll be secured to a parachute, tied to a long tether, and take off into the unspoiled Oahu skies just off the southeast coast of Oahu.

Glide through the Hawaiian trade winds and feel the fresh air on your cheeks and rushing through your hair. Marvel at the astonishing sights of Diamond Head and the Waikiki shoreline as you sail hundreds of feet above the sparkling cerulean ocean. You can almost smell the sun and taste the rainbows as you experience a Hawaiian treat never to be forgotten.

Your Oahu parasailing adventure begins with a greeting and safety briefing from the crew of Paradise Watersports. Once you are out on the ocean, the crew will inflate and prepare the parasail chute for you and start deployment. You will enjoy a bird's-eye view of Honolulu, Waikiki and Diamond Head. After your parasailing adventure, you will slowly descend back to the boat’s landing platform.

The height of your parasail flight depends on the package of your choice:

Packages Line Length (ft) Flight Duration (min)
Turtle Package 500 ft of towline 5-6 min
Dolphin Package 750 ft of towline 6-8 min
Whale Package 1000 ft of towline 10 min

If you don’t want to parasail yourself and just come along on the boat, you can choose the “Observer” package.

Come fly above paradise with us! Book your Oahu parasailing adventure today.